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HOW To update an Approved Advert


Amendments to an Approved Adverts can be made, are free, but will require re-submission for approval.

Amendments are made via the [EDIT/VIEW] from [MY ACCOUNT] page.

Editing a previously saved and approved advert

Editing an approved advert is exactly the same as editing a draft advert.

The system will know if you are editing an Approved Advert and options are shown on the screen during the edit process to give you the opportunity to undo any changes or to resubmit for approval.

Resubmit or

A reasonable amount of edits of previously approved adverts is permitted. Overuse of this option may be reviewed and the advert liable to suspension at the discretion of the Thatch Directory Team.

If you add your approved advert to another county(ies) and pay, they do not require re-submission for approval and are automatically updated.


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